2017 southern China Fashion Festival - annual skin care technology innovation award




On January 3, 2018, 2017 southern China fashion award ceremony was successfully held in Guangzhou Huadu Dongfeng Stadium (Asian Games venue). The South China fashion award ceremony is a review and award of the South China fashion industry for more than 20 years. It is closely concerned with encouraging the growth of the new generation of forces in the fashion industry and has become a grand ceremony for the inheritance and development of the South China fashion industry and culture. The event organization invited well-known fashion designers, supermodels, fashion photographers, fashion stylists, fashion show guides, actors and artists, fashion brands, etc. to participate in the event, pay homage to the industry pioneers, encourage the industry's new and cutting-edge forces, throughout the 20 years and the future of the development of South China's fashion industry, inherit and develop South China's fashion spirit.


As we all know, cosmetics often contain a lot of chemicals and heavy metals and other toxins, often make-up, toxins will penetrate into the bottom of our skin, and cause a variety of skin problems over time! For this reason, the plant Cleansing Soap specially developed by ACOM xiushentang contains the natural magnetic clay with strong adsorption and various nutrients needed for skin, which can absorb and remove chemical residues and heavy metals and other toxins, restore the self-renewal vitality of skin cells, solve skin problems from the root, and is deeply loved by fashion stars, net red and supermodels. At the same time, it has a number of technical patent certification and key support from the Korean government. In order to thank ecome xiushentang for its outstanding contribution to the innovation of fashion skin care technology, the Organizing Committee of the South China fashion award ceremony presented the '2017 South China Fashion Award annual skin care technology innovation award'.