Vitis Vinifera
Vitis Vinifera
Vitis Vinifera

Retail Price:

218 RMB

ECONEKO 7 PURE ESSENCE, featured with high activity, comprehensiveness, small-molecular short peptide, and no additives, can provide skin with powerful antioxidant, anti-glycation, and anti-allergen energy, to rejuvenate skin. It can penetrate into the basal layer of the skin, remove free radicals, block the non-enzymatic saccharification reaction, repair the cell damage, and restart the self-repair ability of the skin.


Product Composition:

Grape seed powder, wine extract, yeast extract, vitamin C, witch hazel, and white spring chrysanthemum


Product Specification:



Applicable Crowd:

The mask is suitable for users with any skin, especially for those with sensitive skin, dark or uneven skin, and skin with acne or flecks.


Application Method:

1、Split the aluminum cap upwards with your thumb from the point of the cap arrow.

2、Inject about 3ml of pure water into the nutrition powder.

3、Shake, and wait for a full mix of the active factor and the high-purity nutrition powder.

4、After the essence is fully mixed, you can evenly apply it to your face. It can be used every day and it also works on the skin around eyes.

5、5-10 minutes after the skin fully absorbs nutrition of the mask, you can massage your skin and then wash your face.