Pressed blueberry candy [Tender-Skin Pill]
Pressed blueberry candy [Tender-Skin Pill]
Pressed blueberry candy [Tender-Skin Pill]

Retail Price:

328 RMB

The product is made out of raw materials extracted from   natural fruit plants, and its pharmacopoeia formula riches in a variety of nutrients to improve cell activity. The pill can effectively shrink your pores or acne, and tender your skin; in addition, it can inhibit skin aging and improve skin immunity. The product can make your whole body skin smooth, tender, sparkling, crystal-clear, and look healthy from inside to outside.


Product composition:

Blueberry powder, collagen, astaxanthin, coenzymeQ10, vitamin E, β-carotene, and hyaluronic acid


Product specification:

500mg*90 capsules / box


Intended for:

Users with rough, dry skin with acne and large pores that need to be restored quickly.


Usage method:

2-3 times a day, 2 capsules each time