LOVE fresh mouthwash [fresh mouthwash]
LOVE fresh mouthwash [fresh mouthwash]
LOVE fresh mouthwash [fresh mouthwash]

Retail Price:

288 RMB

Fused a variety of natural plant extracts, the mouthwash can effectively remove the microbial community and dental plaque adhering to the teeth surface and oral cavity. By preventing bacteria adhesion and accumulation in various parts of your mouth, the mouthwash can reduce the level of dental plaque toxin and the pathogenicity to gingiva, whiten your teeth, offer you fresh breath, and restore oral health. The product, made from various natural plant essences such as Japanese Fuji rare roses, is capable of cleaning your mouth thoroughly and completely, solving 9 oral health problems, whitening your teeth, and offering you fresh breath, so that you can keep appointment more confidently.

Product ingredients:

Tannin (catechins), tea extract, sword bean extract, xylitol, and rose extract

Product specification:

500ml/ bottle


Intended for:

The product is suitable for any users, especially for those with bad teeth or oral health problems.


Usage method:

Use 15ml each time, and deliver the mouthwash to each corner of the mouth. Rinse your mouth for 30 seconds and spit it out (there is a 15ml scale in the lid of the mouthwash bottle).