Seaweed extract

Seaweed is rich in many kinds of glycoprotein, polysaccharides, food fiber, vitamins, 45 inorganic elements, a variety of special amino acids and fatty acids. Xiushentang devotes itself to research and development, and creates the magic vitality (Magic vitality) as the core component of the brand. With the classical Chinese formula, it can bring the cells surging vitality and create graceful curves and charming faces. All over the world, it is sung that xiushentang creates the myth of shaping and beautifying.

Seaweed energy reshapes the perfect image

The wonderful collision of natural plant energy and modern technology creates the four steps of shaping the perfect image of xiushentang.

Xiushentang takes "shaping and beautifying both inside and outside" as the product concept, takes "healthy shaping and fashionable beauty" as the enterprise concept, and for the social situation of more and more sub-health people, especially launched healthy shaping products, which provide healthy and efficient shaping Gospel and perfect body shape for those who need to improve their physical condition, cause obesity due to sub-health and pursue perfect body shape, Take confidence in your life

After reshaping the perfect body, the skin maintenance is more urgent. Xiushentang complies with the market demand and launches skin care products to create a compact, hydrated, delicate and fair skin. The micro sculpting and shaping products adopt the small molecule double absorption technology to lift and tighten the skin, rebuild the collagen egg white and elastic fiber tissue. The original "oral + external use" simple beauty method, oral can improve the skin brightness, moistening, compactness, Q elasticity, whiteness and transparency in all aspects. External use can enhance facial contour, soften facial lines, make facial features more three-dimensional, more coordinated, and personal image tends to be perfect. In order to create a perfect personal image and a more delicate face, xiushentang light face beauty series products create a 360 degree flawless nude makeup

From shaping the perfect body, caring for the delicate skin, improving the face value, to creating the fresh and beautiful makeup, every step is the perfect life path that the xiushentang people adhere to the unremitting pursuit of beauty, aiming to create the perfect personal image for everyone


As a well-known brand of youth, fashion, vitality and health in the international plastic beauty industry, xiushentang international is headquartered in Yigong City, Aichi County, Japan. Its current president is Mr. Inamori. It has successively set up branches in Japan, South Korea, China and Hong Kong. It has many brands such as xiushentang, sausando, Yihe Xiaoyan, Yihe xiushentang and Yidou Xiaoyan. Over the years, Xiushentang is committed to providing consumers with high-quality and efficient products, which are popular in more than 30 countries because of its green, healthy and magical effects. Driven by the mission of "health shaping fashion and beauty", xiushentang cooperates with a number of world-class scientific research institutions to collect global high-quality raw materials through "science and technology leading xiushentang", which is composed of China, Japan and South Korea factories with first-class production technology, R & D and production of a series of plastic beauty products. Xiushentang people's brand attitude of "professional, attentive and dedicated" aims to create a perfect S-shaped curve, fashionable V-shaped face for you, and comprehensively improve your beauty value, because you can be more beautiful!


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