2017 China (Guangzhou) International Model Competition - the only designated cleanser in the competi




On January 3, 2018, a top fashion feast kicked off in Huadu gymnasium. 80 supermodel players from 20 sub competition areas and more than 30 regions came to the level venues of the Asian Games, competing to bloom their charm. At the same time, the second South China fashion award ceremony was held, which was dazzling. Star artists such as Zhao hanyingzi, Fang Yilun, GUI Bian, Ke renkelly, Zheng Jianpeng and other industry celebrities were present. The high-end fashion was perfectly interpreted that night!

China (Guangzhou) international model competition was founded in 2012, and has been successfully held for five times, which has been widely concerned and unanimously recognized by the society. The competition is committed to the development of fashion industry, striving for the Asian Fashion vane, and building Guangzhou into 'the first fashion city in Asia'. China (Guangzhou) international model competition is a great event in the industry and a bridge between China and the world fashion industry. Enhance the popularity and competitiveness of Chinese models in domestic and foreign markets, and cultivate world-class models. It has become one of the most representative and influential model events in South China.


It is an important decision made by the Organizing Committee of the competition after deeply understanding the innovative technology and excellent technology of the products. It also expresses the full recognition of the product's ingenuity and excellent effect. The contestants of the competition use it all the way and praise it like a tide. They say that they have subverted the previous cognition of the cleanser and are the best cleanser ever used Facial products are Hermes in facial cleaning products.