Pressed orange powder candy [the lady type]
Pressed orange powder candy [the lady type]
Pressed orange powder candy [the lady type]

Retail Price:

238 RMB

Containing a variety of natural fruit extracts, combined with high-tech compound formula, the product can effectively block the synthesis of fat, and promote fat burning to accelerate consumption and metabolism. It can restore the maternal normal metabolism by effectively improving endocrine function; and it can also remove fat and build a good figure by reducing fat deposition for controlling and maintaining your weight. Additionally, with  a variety of beauty ingredients, the product may nourish the skin from inside to outside, shape a beautiful face, and build a perfect figure. The lady type of SAUSAND’O can be the best choice for the postpartum obese lady to rebuild a good figure.

Product ingredients:

Orange powder, bitter gourd powder, acai powder, green coffee, juiube extract , trace element Fe

Product specification:

500mg * 60 pieces / box

Applicable Crowd:

The product is suitable for females suffering from postpartum ischemia and iron deficiency or from obesity caused by over-nutrition.

Usage method:

Take 1-2 tablets half an hour before breakfast and dinner.

Note: the dosage can be adjusted according to the degree of obesity.