Lutein esters effervescent tablet [Powder Treasure]
Lutein esters effervescent tablet [Powder Treasure]
Lutein esters effervescent tablet [Powder Treasure]

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Lutein ester acts as natural filters for the eye, scavenging free radicals and filtering out the harmful light (such as ultraviolet and blue light) that enters our eyes. It may offer good protection of the eye, promote retinal cells to generate rhodopsin rapidly, and delay deepening the degree of myopia. In addition, it can protect vision by preventing myopia from developing into high myopia and preventing the occurrence of retinal detachment. Macular area contains a large amount of lutein ester, which can protect macula, avoid harmful free radical produced by excessive oxidation. Lutein ester can also relieve many symptoms of eye fatigue, such as eye distension, sore eyes, dry eyes, or photophobia. The product is particularly suitable for those frequently watching mobile phones, TVs or computers. 


Product composition:

Strawberry powder, and lutein ester.


Product specification:

500mg*45 capsules / box


Intended for:

The tablet is also suitable for those with visual fatigue.


Usage method:

You can take 2 tablets (2g) after dissolving them with 200ml of warm boiled water.

Dosage: Our recommendation is to take them 2-3 times daily with 2 tablets once (as 1mg of lutein ester is contained in one tablet and 2008 Guideline No. 12 by the Ministry of Health shows no more than 12 mg/day, You must not take more than 12 tablets per day.)